Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

Teaching by Using Game and Song

Biside using media, we should use “Game” in teaching young learners because by using Game the student will be enjoyable to study and lesten what the teacher present, they (students)don’t feel surfeited with the subject, they must be interested to follow it even they will feel to less with the time has been supplied. The porpuse of Game is not only to deverting the student in teaching but also to evaluate how far the students can cach the material, so by this reason the Game used by the teacher has relation with the material is being explaned, biside game a song can be used as comforter of student in teaching, a teacher of young student can as a song as way to inspire desire of student, by singing a song we can make lazy student to be enthusiastic to follow louhat we are explaning about the material end is it better the song we sing has correlation with the material explaned for example when we are explaning about alphabet we should be able to sing it, or vocabulary, we must make a song about vocabularies we will explan.
As a teacher of young student we have to be cleaver in managing time of Game or song we must not play Game or song derectly it is good we play Game when the student have been lazy or tired to study, we may not make mastake in playing Game. For example we play Game in the start of teaching, if we do it (Playing Game in the start of teaching), the student will be lazy to follow the lesson after finishing Game.

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